Stretch Wrapper

Semi-Automatic Bex 200

Quality European build. Fully CE marked

12 months onsite warranty and full UK engineers support

Standard machine and Power prestretch pallet wrap film from stock for next day delivery


Semi-Automatic BEX 200

Automatic BEX 200

Semi-Automatic BEX 200

Automatic BEX 200

Specialist stretch wrapper for wrapping windows and doors with adjustable top and bottom product clamps


Our European manufactured stretch wrappers are equipped with a photo cell to automatically detect the pallet height up to 2.4 metres as standard. High quality powder coated all steel base, mast and turntable. The base has front and rear slots to allow a forklift truck to move the machine safely and easily within the workspace. The stretch wrapper hinged mast is of a special patented design with no external wiring or limit switches. Clear identification labels aid simple operation.

  • 1650mm diameter turntable as standard for all UK and Euro pallets. 2000mm option available
  • 2000KG maximum weight capacity
  • Hinged mast with front and rear forklift entrance points for easy placement
  • Variable Soft Start with return to start position at end of cycle
  • Powered film carriage with variable speed and safety cut out on base to prevent foot trapping
  • 4 Pallet wrapping programs: single 1, single 2, cross wrap, pause for pallet top cover
  • Adjustable top and bottom reinforcing wraps
  • Reinforcing wraps at any point in the cycle
  • Automatic pallet height detection by photocell, with adjustable top overlap
  • PLC controlled, with bespoke display control panel
  • Power pre-stretch pallet wrappers option available from stock. Using highly stretchable pallet wrap film up to 300%, pre stretch palletwrappers make it easier to wrap fragile and awkward loads. Very suitable for light loads, power pre stretch also reduces the amount of stretchwrap film required which reduces packaging costs.
  • Automatic top clamp for unstable loads (option)
  • Pit frame for floor embedding (option)
  • Load cells for pallet weighing with external printer (option)
  • Extra wide turntable and extra tall mast (options)
  • Power pretretch and standard pallet wrap film available from stock
Model BEX 200
Max. Pallet Size 1200 x 1100 x 2400 (h) mm
Max. Pallet Weight 2000 kg
Power Requirements 230 Volt Single Phase
Pneumatic Requirement N/A
Turntable Diameter 1650mm

Exploded diagram showing various options

  1. Access ramp
  2. Floor embedding pit frame
  3. Core friction film brake
  4. Mechanical film brake (standard
  5. Mechanical film brake (plus)
  6. Electromagnetic film brake
  7. Powered film pre-stretch
  8. Weighing cells with display
  9. Powered top platen
  10. Flat load holder
  11. Twin reel holder

To ensure that you are able to purchase the most suitable stretch wrapper for doors for your company, do not hesitate to contact the Pallet Wrappers team today who will be delighted to assist you, enabling you to make the most suitable and beneficial buying decisions.